Future market for Ultrasound Devices is in developing countries

The future market for Ultrasound Devices is in developing countries, but developed countries still have a controlling stake. United States has the highest market share in Ultrasound Device market globally. United States Ultrasound Device market is more than the combined market of China and Japan Ultrasound Device market. China Ultrasound Device Market is expected to double its market by 2020 from current market of 2015. Europe also controls a significant amount of Ultrasound Device market share.

ultrasound device

However in the case of Ultrasound Device numbers, China has the highest ultrasound numbers share globally. United States comes at the second place globally.  India also has a sizeable number share in global ultrasound devices. The ultrasound device market in India is expected to grow at a steady pace mainly due to the Indian Government implementation of schemes to reduce mortality and morbidity rates during pregnancy. Central schemes like the Janani Suraksha Yojna have been launched to encourage more rural women in the poor strata to avail professional medical care during pregnancy and have deliveries in primary health centres and hospitals, rather than at home.



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