Japan will have 1 Million Industrial Robots by 2025

Industrial Robotics workers are rising in Japan year on year and it is expected that by the 2025 there will be approx 1 Million industrial robots installed in Japan. Since Japan is facing is shortage of labor due to decreasing birth rate, Dwindling population and ageing society. To combat this problem Japan is looking for robot revolution in a big way, as 10 robots can replace 100 human workers. Moreover Japan is using robots effectively during natural disasters.

Industrial Robotics

Like rescue robots are used by Japanese in the after effects of earthquakes by finding the way through debris that is risky for populace to enter and collect information on immediate circumstances. Last few years have seen swift advances in the growth of these robots in Japan. Japanese investors are so bullish on Japan industrial robotics market that every year they come out with new series of robots. According to Robotics Society of Japan till the year 2000, Japanese manufacturers used to manufacturer approx 90 percent of all robots worldwide.



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