Japan will have 1 Million Industrial Robots by 2025

Industrial Robotics workers are rising in Japan year on year and it is expected that by the 2025 there will be approx 1 Million industrial robots installed in Japan. Since Japan is facing is shortage of labor due to decreasing birth rate, Dwindling population and ageing society. To combat this problem Japan is looking for robot revolution in a big way, as 10 robots can replace 100 human workers. Moreover Japan is using robots effectively during natural disasters.

Industrial Robotics

Like rescue robots are used by Japanese in the after effects of earthquakes by finding the way through debris that is risky for populace to enter and collect information on immediate circumstances. Last few years have seen swift advances in the growth of these robots in Japan. Japanese investors are so bullish on Japan industrial robotics market that every year they come out with new series of robots. According to Robotics Society of Japan till the year 2000, Japanese manufacturers used to manufacturer approx 90 percent of all robots worldwide.



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Virtual Reality Market will grow more than 8 times by 2020

Virtual reality technology has the potential to be next major computing and communication platform in a decade. Virtual reality holds immense potential it is expected that Virtual Reality Market will grow more than 8 times from its current market value in 2015. This descriptive technology can be used in various applications like real estate, aerospace, medical, defense, education application, retail, e-commerce, industrial and marketing etc.


In recent years virtual reality technology has improved a lot as various companies are either making huge investments or have plans in near future. Such as Sony is engaged with project Morpheus, Facebook has acquired Oculus in USD 2 Billion, HTC has made partnership with a gaming company Valve, Google is working on devices named Cardboard, Samsung is with Samsung Gear.



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Future market for Ultrasound Devices is in developing countries

The future market for Ultrasound Devices is in developing countries, but developed countries still have a controlling stake. United States has the highest market share in Ultrasound Device market globally. United States Ultrasound Device market is more than the combined market of China and Japan Ultrasound Device market. China Ultrasound Device Market is expected to double its market by 2020 from current market of 2015. Europe also controls a significant amount of Ultrasound Device market share.

ultrasound device

However in the case of Ultrasound Device numbers, China has the highest ultrasound numbers share globally. United States comes at the second place globally.  India also has a sizeable number share in global ultrasound devices. The ultrasound device market in India is expected to grow at a steady pace mainly due to the Indian Government implementation of schemes to reduce mortality and morbidity rates during pregnancy. Central schemes like the Janani Suraksha Yojna have been launched to encourage more rural women in the poor strata to avail professional medical care during pregnancy and have deliveries in primary health centres and hospitals, rather than at home.



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China Agriculture Equipment Market is expected to be more than US$ 16 Billion by 2020

China agricultural equipment market has made rapid accomplishments in recent years. An integrated system of agricultural equipment manufacturing has been established in China. In future Chinese, agricultural equipment industry is expected to develop into a huge, highly competent industry with a complete range of products including intelligent computerized machines. China agriculture equipment market is expected to be more than US$ 16 Billion by 2020.


Factors that will drive the China Agriculture Equipment Market – Descriptive points covered in the report

  • China has enacted a law for the Promotion of Agricultural Mechanization
  • From 2004 China has started subsidizing purchase of agriculture machinery
  • Growth in economic strength of China, in 2013 its GDP was US$ 9.24 Trillion
  • Chinese government emphasis on urban and rural development
  • Reforms and Liberalization of Chinese economy



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Chinese footwear market will be more than US$ 10 Billion by 2020

As Chinese disposable income is rising year on year thus it’s leading to demand for higher quality footwear. Chinese footwear market is huge and its growing year on year. According to our research report China Footwear Market (By Gender, Purpose and Lifestyle) & Forecast Chinese footwear market will be more than US$ 10 Billion by 2020. Middle Income households are the major driving force. But if we compare it with consumption level then Chinese middle income and upper income households have much room for growth. The average spending level on shoes in cities of eastern china is higher compared to other regions.


In leather shoes office workers are the primary users. Men prefer traditional designs, whereas women prefer trendiness. If a comparison is done on the number of shoes pairs owned then women takes the lead compared to men. Despite high wear and tear leather shoes are the most popular leather goods. Sheepskin leather material is the most popular followed by cowhide. Other than leather shoes, sports shoes and leisure shoes market is also growing. Sports shoes are gaining popularity due to people awareness about fitness especially in cities and sporting events happening in urban places. Sports shoes comprises of various types hiking shoes, football shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes etc. Few popular sports shoes companies in China are Nike, Adidas, Anta, Peak etc.

Food Safety Testing Market – A Global Trend

Food supply is under regular threat and helpful test products that can ensure food safety are in demand worldwide. Microbial pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, environmental toxins, food allergens and adulterants, residues of drugs and agricultural chemicals can damage consumers if unchecked. In some countries, testing for Pathogen is also conducted to make sure food authenticity. Pathogen testing is the most leading segment of food safety testing market.

The global food safety testing has grown in large part due to increased number of outbreaks of food borne illness caused by eating of contaminated food. Worldwide, various policies and standards have been implemented to promise the protection of manufactured food. Food safety testing is executed at every stage of the food supply chain.


Food Pathogen Safety Testing Market

The food pathogen safety testing market continues to grow at approximately seven percent a year with an estimated global market value of over US$ 2 Billion in 2015. The increase in pathogen screening within the food sector is based on regulatory requirements implemented by federal and international agencies, the need to conform to retailer specifications and to demonstrate due diligence to consumers.

Pathogen testing is primarily used in the water and food industries, including monitoring producers of high risk products such as deli meats. The most widespread testing is end product screening and environmental sampling, although, raw item testing is also performed. The purposes of testing have gone through a transformation since pre– Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) implementation.

Before HACCP, end product testing was measured a safety net to grab infected product. However, in this “HACCP” age the importance of finish product testing is to verify that involvement in place can eliminate or reduce the risk derived from pathogens. Due to specific testing, the usual targets are Listeria monocytogenes, Shiga Toxin producing Escherichia coli and Salmonella although it can be envisioned that enteric viruses will be added to the list given that the group of microbes account for over 50 percent of foodborne illness cases.